Ford - century automobile manufacturing enterprise dedicated to science and technology, fashion and environmental protection portable personal transportation and sports products. 2013 US auto selection of leading bicycle manufacturers reached a multi-strategic cooperation, jointly launched Ford bicycles.


Ford bike, with the highest standard of automobile manufacturing process, the introduction of patented technology, the use of advanced and modern design, creating the world famous bicycle brand. Its stylish aesthetic design, comfortable riding enjoyment, provides consumers with the perfect product experiences, and leads the trend of riding. Ford bicycle concept of travelling environmentally and healthily brings great impact to traffic and changes of our lives.


Ford Technology Innovation

All Ford bikes, using ergonomic and aesthetic design, imported from international brands exclusive patented technology, frame design. These products all pass the test of the European Union, Japan, and have the domestic certification of testing organizations in order to ensure long life good frame, durable quality.


Product Safety

Ford bicycle frames passed the test of more than 100,000, and our product components have to undergo product testing center specialized equipment rigorous testing. GNAS certified laboratory equipped with components testing standards and complete bike testing standards. With a series of professional precision test ensures excellent quality of products, allowing you to have an assured ride experiences.


Green Environment

Ford bicycle has features of convenience, environmental protection, sports and fitness. We‘ve been committed to environmental protection and combined transport travel and will continue contribution to energy saving as well as the advocate to green travel, low-carbon energy product concept.